What is the Best Stomach Exercise?

What is the best stomach exercise? It is not sit-ups or crunches nor leg lifts or the "bicycle" maneuver. You don't need any special equipment for it either.

The best exercise you can do for your stomach is jogging, or any other cardio exercise like walking or swimming.

Surprised? Well if you want a flat stomach you need to get rid of the fat covering your stomach first.

Until you lose that fat layer your stomach muscles will be hidden beneath it. Also as I mentioned already you cannot "spot tone" (its impossible to target and lose fat in just one area of your body).

So by doing crunches and other stomach exercises you will get great ab muscles but you will not burn the fat that is keeping them hidden.

Exercising all of your body and burning fat all over together with healthy eating habits is the key to achieving a flat stomach.

So if you are doing hundreds of crunches or working out with special abs exercise equipment but aren't seeing results, this is likely the reason why.

The best way to burn fat all over your body is by moving. Doing any type of activity that gets you moving contributes to your flat stomach goal.

Start by walking or jogging 3-4 times a week to increase your heart rate and boost your metabolism. By boosting your metabolism you burn excess calories and eliminate fat all over your body. You can also go swimming or dancing instead if you prefer.

Thats the best stomach exercise, see the cardio exercises page for more exercises.