It's easy to lose stomach fat - in theory. In reality it will require some changes to your lifestyle and some commitment to achieve the desired results.

Below I will show you how to lose stomach fat.

Best Way to Lose Stomach Fat

The best way to lose stomach fat is the natural healthy way. You may look at it as the exact opposite to how you gained stomach fat.

We gain stomach fat when our caloric intake is greater than the calories we burn. However, you can tilt this balance in your favor and reverse the process with a focused plan, discipline and the willpower to succeed.

Diet to Lose Stomach Fat

Proper diet is a must if you want to lose stomach fat, but instead of going on a crash diet, that doesn't work and does more harm then good in the long run, you should take a closer look at your eating habits. Are you eating junk food? Drinking too many soft drinks? (Even the diet drinks are bad for you). You may discover that you need to reconsider your choices.

By making a few changes to the foods you eat and when you eat them you will be able to eat healthier, lower your caloric intake without suffering and of course lose stomach fat. You will find more information on healthy eating habits and a healthy meal plan on the linked pages.

Exercise to Lose Stomach Fat

The other component to losing belly fat is exercise, and we will divide exercises into three subgroups.

Cardio and HIIT - Designed to burn stomach fat that is already there. HIIT, or high intensity interval training, is an advanced cardio workout designed to burn calories at a faster rate helping you get rid of stomach fat, even the last few stubborn pounds.

Full body strength training - Strength exercises are important for developing muscle that will burn calories and for toning your body. Recommended for women as well, don't worry you will not end up looking like a body builder it's a famous exercise myth

Abdominal Exercises - Great for toning stomach muscles, though not sufficient on their own for losing stomach fat. You should do stomach exercises but don't expect to see a six pack before you lose enough stomach fat.

How to Lose Stomach Fat

Read around the site and start doing something. Start right now, even though the results won't come overnight (you didn't gain the fat overnight, so don't expect to lose stomach fat overnight!) you will start seeing progress soon enough as you stick to your diet and exercise plan. This healthy way to lose stomach fat works, give it a try starting today.

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