The lower stomach is often the most stubborn area and the hardest area to lose fat in.

You can not lose fat in the lower stomach area with exercises alone. Doing a lot of reverse crunches is great for toning your lower ab muscles, but without a healthy diet and fat burning cardio exercises it will be hard to see your results under that layer of fat.

"Spot training" is a myth. You will not be able to target lower stomach fat (or fat anywhere) with specific exercises. If you have fat on your lower stomach, the best way to lose it and expose the abdominal muscles underneath is to lose weight by doing cardio exercises and eating healthy.

Everyone is different and some people can be skinny and still have a bulge in the lower stomach area. This can be due to different body shapes as a result fo our genes.

Lower Stomach Muscles

Lower stomach muscles are not a separate muscle, but an extension of your rectus abdominis, better known as your "six pack", that then attach to the bones at your pelvis & hips.

The lower stomach is an often neglected area in many stomach exercise workouts. However it is important to work the lower stomach if you want to achieve the complete flat stomach look.

The best exercises for a lower stomach are reverse crunches and leg lifts (see below).

Lower Stomach Exercises

Here is a sample lower stomach exercise to combine with cardio exercises and healthy diet, to help you get rid of lower stomach fat.

Leg Lifts

Start off by laying on your back with your hands under your buttocks. Lift your legs so they are vertical.

While contracting the abs, lower both legs so that the back of your feet are right above the ground. After holding that position for a second, return your legs to the vertical position. Repeat.

More Lower Abs Exercises

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