If you are looking to get a flat stomach the healthy way - this website is for you. Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about flat stomach exercises and diet to lose belly fat.

How do I get a flat stomach?

To get a flat stomach you will need to combine a series of different fat burning exercises with a reasonable diet. Read the different pages on this for detailed guides on the different topics. This is what this site is all about.

Will doing sit ups help me lose stomach fat? Do sit-ups burn fat?

The short answer is NO. Exercising the area from which you want to lose fat is called "spot toning" or "spot reduction". Spot toning is a common myth.

Research shows that fat is lost all over your body, not just in the area that you work. Situps are done to tone the ab muscles but they don't burn enough calories to get rid of belly fat.

Also, If you have back problems you should avoid situps as they may put unnecessary strain on your lower back.

How to loose belly fat? How do I lose belly fat?

(Also known as: How to remove belly fat fast? How do I lose tummy fat? What's the best way to burn stomach fat? What is the best way to get rid of stomach fat?)

To lose fat in your stomach area you need to do cardio exercises and develop healthy eating habits.

Why sit ups are NOT recommended?

Sit ups are bad for your back. The action of sitting up, puts unnessesary stress on your spine and grinds the vertebrae in your lower back. Also sit ups are inefficient at exercising your ab muscles. Read more about why crunches are better then sit ups here.

How do I exercise the abs correctly?

The function of the ab muscles is to shorten the distance between your sternum (breast bone) and your pelvis by bending you body forward. Any exercise which makes you move your sternum toward your pelvis or your pelvis toward your sternum is good. There are many abdominal exercises that work your abs. Here are the best three ab exercises.

Should I buy the [Insert name] exercise machine/contraption?

There is a lot of exercise equipment on the market today. You have seen the comercials, they are all promising great results. The truth is, most exercise machines are not much better than doing the basic exercises and many of them are significantly worse. Read more about abdominal exercise equipment.

What are the best stomach exercises?

Here is a list of some of the best stomach exercises and here are a few more stomach exercises that focus on your lower abs.

How much water should I be drinking each day?

This depends on your personal bodyweight and how frequently you are working out as well as the climate you are living in. Generally 6-8 cups a day should help you stay hydrated and also help you eat less. Dehydration has been known to make you feel hungry, when in reality you just want some extra water.

How many pounds is healthy to lose in a week?

A healthy everage is between 1-2.5 pounds a week.

How should I plan my meals?

One way is to start a meal journal and record the foods you eat for a couple of weeks. Then use a tool like this one to determine how many calories you are consuming daily. From here, by introducing small changes to your diet, you can create a diet plan that includes diverse foods from all the major food groups, while still keeping the total calories in the wanted range.

How about my lower back?

When doing abs exercises you should also work on your lower back muscles for a better looking balanced posture and to prevent lower back pains and injury.