Yoga is a good way to stay fit and healthy. If you want to get a beautifully toned body and great abs, you should consider attending yoga sessions and try yoga exercises.

Yoga doesn’t only focus on the person’s physical aspect but on the spiritual and mental aspect as well. When you do various yoga exercises for abs, you will not only achieve a great body but also a relaxed mind and spirit. To give you more information, here are some of the yoga exercises for abs.

One of the simplest yoga exercises for abs would be the single yoga leg lifts. To do this, you have to lie down on the floor placing your hands under your buttocks. This will support your lower back.

The next step is to lift your left leg in a slow manner. Lift it up to 90 degrees. Make sure that the leg is straight and not bended. As you lift your leg, inhale then exhale while bringing back the leg down.

Repeat the same procedure for your right leg. Continuously do the cycle for three to five minutes. If you’re tired you can always take a break. It is not recommended to overwork your body because this will just cause more stress. When it comes to yoga, the movements are gradual but steady.

Another yoga exercises for abs would be the double yoga leg lifts. This is a variation of the single yoga leg lifts. On this exercise, you will be doing the same procedure, except that you will be doing it with both legs at the same time. Same thing, you have to keep your legs safe. Use your hands to support your lower back while you are doing the yoga exercises for abs.

Actually, yoga has a lot of postures that targets the abdominal muscles. These two yoga exercises for abs are just the basics. Yoga practitioners can do various advanced postures and achieve a healthier mind and body. Applying the science of yoga to get a great looking abs is really becoming popular nowadays and a lot of people would like to try it out to become physically fit.